And what about the unity of synthesis?

April 26, 2009

In some respects this seems a little silly, but to someone currently slogging through the transcendental deduction, silly is exactly what the doctor ordered:

[The] Critique of Pure Reason enjoys the rare distinction among philosophy books of having featured in a Hollywood movie. It appears in the scene in Superman III in which Lorelei Ambrosia, the ditzy blonde bombshell, is seen secretly reading it. “But how can he say that pure categories have no objective meaning in transcendental logic? What about synthetic unity?” she squeaks – showing some mastery of the jargon – before hurriedly covering it with some girlie trash as her gangster boyfriend enters. Director Richard Lester’s choice was perfect: surely no other book could be such improbable reading for Lorelei and also be recognised as such by the audience.

If you ever wondered why Superman III needed to exist, now you know. Best of all possible worlds indeed.


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