The Other Big News.

June 12, 2009

Putting aside the 800-pound gorilla for a second, I have some other personal news worth mentioning. Many of you may be aware that the American Conservative has been expanding its stable of bloggers pretty considerably in the last few weeks. The first of the new additions, Daniel McCarthy’s Tory Anarchist, is already well established as an interesting read, but I was particularly intrigued by the  new experimental group blog called Post Right, which looks just weird enough to be indispensable. Being a little weird myself, you can imagine my excitement when McCarthy generously offered to make me a regular contributor! My first post will be forthcoming (though likely delayed by the onset of world historical events *cough cough*) but I figured I’m allowed one victory lap, since this is something of a big step up.

A word of clarification: this does not mean that The Other Right is going away. I will still do the bulk of my thinking here and there will be ample cross-posting between sites. Nonetheless you should make both regular stops on your daily Internet outings so as to maximize your reading enjoyment. (And I know all my readers love to rationally maximize.)

I have now discussed myself twice in twenty four hours. Shameful. I now resolve to go to bed.

Edit: Can I just mention how funny I find it that WordPress’s spellchecker doesn’t recognize “blog” or “blogger” as real words?


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