Turing Would Be Proud…

June 12, 2009

Yet still I am ambivalent after reading this:

Perhaps game engine development might become a secondary concern to character development: the research and development that makes up games could come rely on creation of interesting artificial people, rather than new, stunning visuals, or extra technical trickery. The challenge becomes one not of simulating worlds in more detail, but simulating humanity with greater fidelity. The gaming race would become about building someone interesting enough to keep players engaged, and to keep them coming back.

Maybe Suderman’s suggestion that video games are destined to be art on par with comic books wasn’t the right analogy. Maybe the real destiny of video games is as theater, where the stages are whole worlds and the act of creation is focused on personalities and elaborately constructed response mechanisms, not just fancy scenery and special-effects porn. If that’s actually the direction the medium’s headed, then we’re definitely in for some interesting material… Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “character development.”

Still, as a general rule, the deeper our entertainments get the more shallow our lives become; flash-bang-geewizz is all fine and good but it hides just how solitary an act being entertained often is.  I don’t know if the end result of Nadal and similar technologies  will be games with more human contact or less… Or if our interface with the machine will grow so dense that we can’t tell the difference.

One wonders what Milo would think. (Or not think, as the case may be.)


One Response to “Turing Would Be Proud…”

  1. Well, I like Milo. I like the woman, too. >:)

    How cool is that, HC? I think games are headed there. I don’t know how long you’ve been playing them, but I’ve been playing for 20 years now, and first it was the shooters, but now the big ones are sims and RPGs and immersive story lines. Soon everything will merge and Milo will be your sidekick as you slay dragons and demons on a planet far, far away.


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